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Brotney Spores

Yeah its 4 AM. I don't know why I'm posting on LJ but whatever.

I've realized there are three things in my life that make me truly happy. My family, Pokemon and Britney Spears.

This post is about Britney Spears. When she first came out back in 1999, I was only 9 years old. And it wasn't cool for a boy to like Britney so I kind of kept the love to myself. In fact, I outwardly hated her. That was what expected of a boy my age. But I always kept an eye on her. I would secretly vote for her on TRL and watch performances of her on TV. But obviously I would keep this to myself.

My interest kind of waned around the time I went to middle school because I got into R&B and rap music then. But then Toxic was released and my love for her started to slowly come back. Of course, I still kept this to myself because I was just starting to come into my own as a gay man. I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to take myself in and didn't want to be judged by my peers as a "fem." (God I was such a 15 year old boy) So anyway whatever year she released her first Greatest Hits CD, I took a huge step and asked for it for Christmas. To my surprise, my Dad bought it for me (the same man who refused to buy me a Spice Girls CD as a young lad ;-;). So I put the CD into the new stereo he also bought me that Christmas and truly listened to her music on CD for the first time.

And that was pretty much it. I still heavily preferred R&B at the time but I was starting to truly call her my "favorite" artist.

Time went on and she started to become the crazy persona people still can't seem to get past. But it was during this time she released Blackout and I became a super fan. I can listen to this CD and be happy. No matter the mood. Tonight I was in a shit mood and I listened to the CD and all of that dissipated.

Just seeing a picture of her smiling or dancing and drinking a Frappucino or clipping her toe nails makes me happy. Despite all the torment she went through, she still smiles. It lets me know I can get past anything no matter what. If this millionaire still goes through this shit and eventually moves on, so can I. Not saying my life has been shit lately. In fact, it's been rather awesome. But there's nothing the Holy Spearit can't fix for me.

I know this a rambling YOU-SHOULD-BE-ASLEEP-NOT-ON-LJ post, but I just needed to convey my love for Britney.

Things that make you go ahhhhhh

So LJ is telling me I haven't updated in 18 weeks. Usually I just go right to ONTD and don't check the main page so I guess that's probably why.

School's good. Tiring. WORK SUCKS! The company that bought us is terrible. I really need a new job ~_~ Other than that, I'm pretty good. Loving life.

Peace out girl scouts!
Love my new icon. Thanks to neonlove on ONTD for it and to Ray for making it usable on here <3

Life's good. Busy weekend at work because of the 4th of July. Fun night ahead for me. :D Life's pretty good right now.

Updating for the heck of it

Got rear ended today. No damage and I feel fine. The lady was nice and it was resolved right there.

It's like a huge operation at work to get Mac and me together. I hope it works because there's no one in my life right now I'd rather be with.

Can't wait for the new owners. Their uniforms are supposedly pretty nice and hopefully they won't be complete douchenozzles about everything.

fuck i have work in 7 hours. i need to sleep.

Saw Up! Cutest Pixar movie since The Incredibles.



My dog just yawned and it sounded like he said my name. I'm freaking out.
I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I was going to have a cool GIF of birds flying away, but I couldn't find anything cool and the one Matt gave me sucked.

Anyway, I feel empowered and I want to go for a run. It's 1:14 AM though and I have work in seven hours, so I should be going to bed.

Also, Matt wishes he had convos about DILFS like me. Instead, he's stuck talking to his grandma about Mexicans and soap operas.


So today I had my root canal. I was just recovering from my blasted tongue injury and was bummed because I thought a new round of pain was coming with this surgery. But anyway, the surgery basically requires you keep your mouth open for over an hour straight. After finishing up, the doctor removed the annoying contraption from my mouth and said "wow, I haven't had a patient who could keep his mouth open for that long. you're pretty good at that." My dentist is REALLY hot, so I wanted to go "I could show you personally how long I can keep it open in your office." But the new, pure Luke refrained. Anyway, during the surgery, they use a vacuum to suck up your excess saliva so you don't drown since its basically impossible to swallow during the surgery. As she was vacuuming, she noted how impressive it was that I wasn't gagging at all. I had to restrain myself from bursting out laughing. God I love my life sometimes.


I posted a demotion thread today, but I deleted it almost right away. I may be frustrated with PC, but I'm not ready to give up the good parts of the job yet.

Love Me, Hate Me

I haven't done a lengthy Livejournal entry in a while.

I think PC is ruining my life. So I haven't been paying a lot of attention to it lately. It ends up frustrating me more than not. I check it every once in a while, but it's really not on my list of priorities. I usually go forever without checking it, unless there's a funny post someone wants me to look at.

So I've been focusing on the other aspects of my life lately. I've been lamenting about my lack of people to hang out with in real life due to the fact most of my friends go away to school. So I've been making efforts to become closer to people at work. I love most of the people I work with, especially these two girls Ashley and Kristen. We get along really well and we all have the same sense of humor. I've also been spending more time with my family. Playing video games, jumping on our new trampoline, and going to their baseball and softball games. The whole family sat together and watched the Dark Knight the other night together. It was awesome.

I've also gone on my first dates in months the last two weeks. The one guy goes to school two and a half hours away though, so I doubt that will work. I don't like that sort of distance. The other guy goes to a college nearby. He's really cute, but kind of full of himself. We do get along though, but I can see some major fights between us if we got together.

School's... alright. I lovelovelovelove my education class. Teaching kids, interacting with them, and watching them learn stuff makes me so happy. I ran into my first grade teacher and I think I'm going to go observe her classroom for a few days. I liked her teaching style when I was younger, so I'd like to see it in action from behind the scenes. Spanish, Math, and Writing sucks. The papers suck. The tests suck. I hate that shit. It can go diaf.

19 DAYS UNTIL I SEE BRITNEY IN CONCERT. I'm so excited. It'll be my first real concert (chaperoning my siblings to a Papa Roach concert when I was younger doesn't count). I've been saving money for merchandise and gas. My car's still running fine so I hope that continues. My mom might make me take her car because she doesn't trust mine for the four hour drive to the concert. But I think I'll be fine.

I just want summer here so I can work more & make more money and see my friends from high school again. We're planning on staying a weekend in Canada at one point now that everyone in our group will be 19 so we can actually go out to the clubs and party. My family's going to a lake again, but now that I can drive I won't have to stay the whole time.

tl;dr version:

PC sucks lately
I'm making more friends IRL
School sucks except for education
I'm dating again
Summer needs to be here now